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After receiving my master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Social Work, I have forged and nurtured partnerships among such “unlikely allies” as universities and employers, resulting in improved employment opportunities for college students with disabilities; pro-life and pro-choice activists, resulting in cooperative action towards preventing teen pregnancy, promoting adoption, and advocating for better programs to support women and children; and union and management, resulting in the development of a diversity program from scratch.

I also have successfully drafted and co-presented a $15 million strategic plan to the president of a large non-government organization aimed at improving its effectiveness at hiring, promoting, and serving people with disabilities. I have worked with New York City taxi drivers to improve their customer service skills and developed a reverse mentoring program resulting in the development of retention strategies and enhanced collaboration among business units. Additionally, choirs in New York; New Jersey; Massachusetts; Missouri; and Brassalia, Brazil have performed my music compositions.

I currently live with my guide dog, Jules, in Columbia, Missouri, and with my wife, her three children, three standard poodles, and a python named Monty.